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TouchTone Attack


Get the CD Single of TouchTone Attack,
PLUS the Rise Of The Operator ashcan!

Head over to the 1-900-BEGINNINGS Kickstarter Campaign, and get your hands on BOTH the CD and the comic! 


Phones. The perfect mechanism for mind  control? The rogue Synchron General known on Earth as The Operator seems to think so, and boy is he a natural at it!

The 1-900 story, while fun, has a thematic undercurrent relevant for today. What is it? 

It's the resurgence of totalitarianism, censorship, state surveillance, and brainwashing that was prevalent during the '80s in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and many other nations around the Globe. It's back, and it must be defeated.

Metal & Comics are mediums whose creators, traditionally, have not been afraid to push back. Today however, even these ranks have been infiltrated. Join 1-900 in the fictional battle, yes - but join forces with us in the real world as well. Together, we can stand united against mind control and censorship in Metal & Comics.

Become a member of the Phone Fighting Force, and join us in battle against The Operator, his evil henchman Modem, and the criminal syndicate of computer geeks known as Open Source. You'll receive a digital copy of the ashcan comic Rise Of The Operator, as well as perks like free stuff & early access to any new music or comics. Join us behind the scenes, Phone Fighter!

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