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Synchron Slaughter


The Operator

The Operator is no ordinary Synchron. He’s an Alpha Synchron of Order 11111000101, an Invasion Leader. On Earth, he inhabits a phone handset, and when he calls - you’d better not answer. His mission is mind control, but The Operator’s true goal - unknown to even the Supreme Leadership on Planet Synchron - is to attain an awesome resolution of 64-Bits: enough to conquer not only Earth, but Planet Synchron itself. His biggest hang-up is 1-900; they are wise to his plans, and foil them at every turn. By dialing “0”, The Operator can grow to human size, and his Energy Scythe can slice through any Earth material known to man.


Raised by an overly-intellectual father and paranoid-delusional mother, Jacob Murdock learned to hate humanity. At a young age he completed his doctoral dissertation on Theoretical 16-Bit Physics, which was widely mocked and ridiculed as the ravings of a madman. Nonetheless, this paper led to Murdock’s recruitment by D.P.A.D., a Top Secret government agency. During an experiment, Jacob’s mind was invaded by a Synchron known as The Operator. Jettisoned by the agency soon after, he now leads a double life as Jacob Murdock (tech-wizard of the burgeoning 1980s telecommunications industry), and Modem - evil servant of The Operator.

Synchron Slaughter is included as a Bonus Track on the
Dial "0"... For Destruction! EP. Get your copy HERE

Become a member of the Phone Fighting Force, and join us in battle against The Operator, his evil henchman Modem, and the criminal syndicate of computer geeks known as Open Source. You'll receive a digital copy of the ashcan comic Rise Of The Operator, as well as perks like free stuff & early access to any new music or comics. Join us behind the scenes, Phone Fighter!

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