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Rise Of The Operator


"The fictional version of 1-900 is Brett Shredd, DD Bass, and RotoTom, an android drummer. The world is sort of a take on the Steampunk thing - where life is similar to today, but imagined through 80s-era levels of technology. So you’ve got music streaming, online video game communities, things like that, but it’s all analog or maxes out at 8-bit. The Synchrons are a totalitarian colonizer species from a parallel dimension. Non-corporeal, with energy bodies instead. Their world has achieved a 16-bit technology, and they’ve set their sights on Earth. In the Rise Of The Operator! ashcan, the Synchrons travel through a 1-900 Hint Line that was set up for a PCjr. game. The guys in the band happened to be calling the Hint Line, and’ll just have to read the ashcan to find out!"

- Brett Miller, Guitarist from 1-900


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Become a member of the Phone Fighting Force, and join us in battle against The Operator, his evil henchman Modem, and the criminal syndicate of computer geeks known as Open Source. You'll receive a digital copy of the ashcan comic Rise Of The Operator, as well as perks like free stuff & early access to any new music or comics. Join us behind the scenes, Phone Fighter!

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