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HyperRot Comics

Introducing 1-900. Comic. Band. Fun.


A Band of
(Super) Heroes / comic

Take a trip back to an alternate 1989 where synthwave powermetal band, 1-900, are unwittingly turned into a real band of heroes. It's a tale of computerized communism, touchtone totalitarianism, and good 'ol fashion comic book storytelling. Experience a comic like it was the 1980s again.


A Heavy
Soundtrack / music

The boys of the 1-900 comic are backed by the boys of the real-life heavy metal band, well, 1-900! The music of 1-900 is a synthesis of metal and synthwave and dovetails nicely with the comic (though, you don't need one to enjoy the other). Check out some of the tunage below.


HyperRot Comics is an independent comic book publishing company located in NY.

Copyright (c) 2024 HyperRot Comics, LLC

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